The archon is a supernatural being that can occasionally descend to Etheria to smite the knight’s enemies with their flaming swords. Archons are resistant to fire, and cause Awe to any enemies who get too close to them. They also do double damage to evil creatures, and cast the cure spell, which removes poison and disease from nearby friendly units. Archons will only descend to Etheria if a huge ransom of gold is paid at the Cathedral, along with smaller sums of metal and crystal.


Cost: 400 Crystal 400 Gold

Requires: Nothing

Army points: 2


Combat: 16

Life: 180

Speed: 15

Damage: 40 (fire, can attack air)

Armor: 10

Resistance: 20

Resistant vs: Fire attacks.

Vulnerable vs: Cold attacks.

Ability: Double damage vs enemy creatures and causes awe.

Spells: Cure.