A dancing sword is what you get when you teach a sword to fight by itself and dispense with the man who wields it. These units are conjured one by one for a bit of metal and a lot of crystal at the shrine of the sword, or they can be raised wholesale from the field of battle. In general, a dancing sword is superior to a swordsman, as they have better damage, armor, combat, hits, and resistance. In addition, they can attack ground or air units. Their only drawback is that they posess a weakness to electrical attacks.


Cost: 100 Crystal 20 Metal

Requires: Nothing

Army points: 2


Combat: 6

Life: 60

Speed: 12

Damage: 15 (slashing, can attack air)

Armor: 10

Resistance: 15

Resistant vs: Piercing.

Vulnerable vs: Ray attacks.