Dwarves are a hardened, tortured race. Originally a proud people who dug enormous underground complexes, their traditional strength has become their greatest liability. These underground complexes are admired by all who hate the lights, so for the past thousand years, the dwarves have been the number one target of all sorts of evil, warped, and unpleasant creatures which like to live in caves. The result of this endless, unprovoked warfare is that dwarves are tough. Despite their slow, short legs and stunted stature, they can take surprisingly large amounts of damage. In addition, centuries of getting burned, frozen, and electrocuted by wayward sorcerers and mutant hydras has toughened them so that most of the race is resistant to all elemental attacks. This resistance, combined with their high hits, makes them extremely tough in battle against spellcasters and elemental based attacks. Dwarves have another racial speciality. Like many wronged peoples, they are quick to drown their sorrows in ale. And dwarves are angry drunks. A drunk dwarf gets significant speed and combat bonuses, which allow them to almost move as fast as other races. Their other main powerups come in the form of melee damage and armor upgrades, and they also get some improvements to morale, siege engines and buildings.