The Knight is the basic cavalry troop of the Knights. A knight is the lowliest of the mounted knights. As yet unschooled in battle, these men prefer heraldry to survival, and ride into battle with barding covering their mounts instead of barding. None-the-less, they themselves are armoured well enough to be resistant to all physical attacks. However, as they have not yet learned how to dress sensibly, they are vulnerable to all forms of elemental damage. As mounted knights, they gain all the bonuses that apply to this class of units. They cost a fair amount of gold, and a moderate amount of metal.


Cost: 90 Gold 50 Metal

Requires: Nothing

Army points: 2


Combat: 9

Life: 120

Speed: 16

Damage: 20 (slashing)

Armor: 10

Resistance: 5

Resistant vs: Any physical attack (Slashing, Piercing and Impact).

Vulnerable vs: Any attack by elements (Fire, Cold and Rays).