The Knight Champion is the advanced cavalry troop of the Knights. A knight champion is a knight who is wise enough to train extensively, and rich enough to afford a full suit of armor. They are tougher, better armed, and better armoured than normal knights, but they cost more than twice as much in gold and metal. However, they are vulnerable only to fire damage, instead of all elemental damage, in addition to having superior hits, armor, resistance, and damage. Like all mounted knights, they gain the benefits that apply to that class of warriors.


Cost: 150 Gold 150 Metal

Requires: Smithy

Army points: 2


Combat: 11

Life: 150

Speed: 14

Damage: 30 (slashing)

Armor: 15

Resistance: 10

Resistant vs: Any physical attack (Slashing, Piercing and Impact).

Vulnerable vs: Fire attacks.