The Knight Lord is the elite cavalry troop of the Knights. The Knight lord is the ultimate mounted knight. With the best stats of all the knights, he still gets the physical resistance that the lesser knights have, but his only vulnerability is to electricity. More importantly, the presence of the gold-armored Knight Lord riding his white steed into battle is so inspiring that the side controlling the knight lord gains a 2 point increase in their total morale score for each knight lord present. Knight lords take a very long time to train, and cost a huge fortune in gold and metal.


Cost: 350 Gold 350 Metal

Requires: Shrine of the Sword and Smithy

Army points: 2


Combat: 16

Life: 220

Speed: 15

Damage: 40 (slashing)

Armor: 15

Resistance: 5

Resistant vs: Any physical attack (Slashing, Piercing and Impact).

Vulnerable vs: Ray attacks.

Ability: Each Knight Lord gives +2 morale.