The Knights are one of the Human races.

Etheria is home to many orders of Knighthood, but the 5 most powerful orders rule the lands of Agaria. The Sirian, Bartonian, Elenian, Gildine and Theiran Knights may constantly be at war with each other, but the armies they lead into battle and the methods with which they wage war are all very similar, consisting of huge masses of armored knights who love nothing more than to crash into enemy lines.

Time and again, the Knights (particularly the Sirians) have turned back the tide of Lord Bane's Undead as they have swept down from the frozen north.

In Warlords Battlecry III, the Knights are a race of humans particularly reliant on their cavalry. They do not possess a lot of inherent magic, apart from their general, the Inquisitor, who is able to summon Dancing Swords and heal his troops.

The Knights have three different types of Cavalry: Knight, Knight Champion and Knight Lord. Each of these is progressively more expensive and progressively tougher than the last. Knight Lord, the one in the gold armor, add +2 to the Knight's morale for each one that is on the field of battle. Fortunately for the evil sides, it is difficult to get more than a few of these awesome warriors onto the field at the same time. Almost all of the Knights' upgrades affect their cavalry in one way or another - but many of the upgrades are very expensive. Once a player has purchased them all (a goal that usually takes a long time), his host of Knights will be almost unstoppable.



  • Eagle (Advanced Builder)