Undead Titan

Lord Bane is one of the Four Horsemen, who entered the Realms of Etheria during The Sundering in year 1032 HET. This cataclysmic event was the result of a Dark Elven summoning spell gone horribly awry. It killed the Dark Elven King, Mordaine the Kinslayer, and in the process tore apart the Isle of Mordanion, so that henceforth it became known as The Sundered Isle.Lord Bane quickly fled north, to the icy wastelands of the Northern Tundra which soon came to be known as the Realms of Death. Here, he discovered the secrets of bringing the dead back to life, and also after many foul experiements, he learnt how to transform them into new, more powerful creatures. No way has ever been found to permanently kill Lord Bane. In his immortal words to Lord Albion, Knight of Siria, just before he was struck down with the Dragonstone... "You can't kill Death"


Combat: 21&nbsp Hits: 750 Speed: 14 Damage: 90/8Fire Armor: 25 Resistance: 30 Resistant vs: Piercing Vulnerable vs: -- Cost: 1200 GMSC Build Time: 600 Army Points: 4 Ability: Explodes on death, immunity to status effects, Causes terror, ignores armour.