Sirian is the titan of the Knights. The avatar of the Knight deity, Sirian appears as an armoured warrior wielding a flaming sword. Sirian is resistant to physical attacks, like the mounted knights he commands, and his huge flaming sword does gigantic amounts of damage to wide areas as he swings it. Like all titans, his attacks ignore armor, he causes terror, and explodes when he dies, scattering rings of fire over the landscape.


Cost: 1200 Gold, Metal, Stone and Crystal

Requires: Level 5 Castle

Army points: 4


Combat: 25

Life: 850

Speed: 15

Damage: 140 (fire, can attack air)

Armor: 30

Resistance: 20

Resistant vs: Any physical attack.

Vulnerable vs: Ray attacks.

Ability: Explodes when dies, immunity to status effects, causes terror and ignores armor.